Eligibility & Qualifying

Level 1 & 2 Girls & Xcel Bronze Girls

This is a great way to introduce gymnastics competition to your pre-team and class gymnasts. We use the USA Gymnastics official routines. The goal of these levels is to introduce gymnastics to the parents in a positive, fun and rewarding environment.  There is no qualifying score needed to advance to Championships; gymnasts just need to compete in any qualifier.  No special uniform is required.

Level 3 – 9 Girls & Xcel Silver – Diamond

The gymnasts will compete routines outlined by USA Gymnastics. Routines will be judged based on USAG deductions. For levels 3 & up a qualifying score must be achieved at any season qualifier in order to compete in the Gateway Championships.  No special uniform is required.

Championship Meet Qualifying Information

To compete at the Championship meet, gymnasts must qualify at a Gateway qualifying meet by scoring:

  • Level 1: Compete at any qualifier
  • level 2: Compete at any qualifier
  • Xcel Bronze: Compete in any qualifier
  • Level 3 -8: 7.0/event or 28.00/AA
  • Xcel Silver – Diamond:  7.0/event or 28.00 AA

**Gymnast may qualify for Championships on a single event

Age Groups

We will provide as many age groups as possible to allow for balanced competition and a multitude of awards. Age groups will be determined upon receipt of the meet entry forms.

EXCEPTION: If an age group has an abundance of absence or entries, that age group will be divided or combined. The gymnasts’ age groups will be based on their age as of the date of Championships.


Awards are given in each age group within each level. Places are determined by the number of entries in each age group. Gateway Gymnastics awards event placement to 60% of the competitors. Every gymnast receives an award in the All-Around. Ties are not broken, except for at Championships.

Team Competition

We will offer team competition at every meet. The team score will be determined by the top 3 scores per event and level. No team entries will be accepted the day of the competition. Only those registered before deadline will be entered in the team competition.

Deadlines & Refunds

In order to get a meet time schedule out in a timely manner, please submit all registrations by the deadlines listed on the meet schedule page. If the entry form for a meet is received after the deadline, the meet director can not guarantee that space is available.  If the meet director determines space is available, then a late fee of $10/gymnast will be expected to be paid as listed on the registration form. Meet refunds requested must have a physicians note. Entry fees must be paid for all gymnasts entered in competition. Example – You may email an entry roster and plan to mail your check. If you have 3 gymnasts scratch, they still must pay, unless you have a doctors note.


There is not a charge for admission at any non-sanctioned Gateway Meet.

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